Would you like to experience the longevity benefits of fasting?

But "not eating" for days is either daunting or just not practical?

The idea of extended fasting is daunting to a lot of people – how on earth do you just not eat?!, however it might not be that you have to completely do without food in order to reap the benefits of fasting. Valter Longo’s Longevity diet is a perfect example of this – his regime of low calories, low protein for five days is suggested to confer the same benefits as fasting.

The overabundance of calories is undoubtedly a contributor to oxidative stress and damage that leads to cellular damage, so times of energy deprivation, well below usual daily intake, may well protect us in the long term. Thomas Seyfried, among others, feels that a fasting regime of at least three days may be enough to clear out damaged cells, however for some people that might not be a realistic option for whatever reason. 

Rather than restricting all calories, a 50% caloric reduction in a time restricted eating window that was ketogenic would

  • suppress insulin
  • suppress mTOR (and IGF-1; both stimulators of growth in the body)
  • reduce ATP signaling to the cells (energy signaling)
  • reduce blood glucose levels.
  • Potentially upregulate autophagy
  • (read the longer blog post here)

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Probably one of the best things about Mikki's programme is that you not only eat better but you learn so much and become so much more aware of why you eat things, and also why the timing of eating can be important to optimise your results.  I love that Mikki gives amazing email replies - I always feel as though she has a real interest in me specifically, and I'm not just a number or someone who pays her bills

Flo - Ironman Athlete

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Keto Longevity Plan

A  5 day, calorically restricted ketogenic diet protocol that has a 2 day ketogenic diet lead in, designed to be followed once per month . All pricing is in New Zealand Dollars.

Keto Longevity Plan 


8 Weeks for single payment of $80

  •  A  5 day, calorically restricted ketogenic diet protocol designed to be followed once per month
  •  24/7 nutrition coaching from degree-qualified nutritionists 
  •  Choose one of three plans based on your current caloric intake
  •  Utilises a time restricted eating (TRE) window to maximise opportunity for ketone production.
  •  Includes foods and beverages that have a ketogenic effect in the body
  •  Eight weeks access to the portal, including over 400 recipes and meal planning technology to plan meals outside of the ketogenic longevity plan
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